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    JCS assists our clients in compliance with annual as well as other statutory and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions. Gauging on our professional experience, we also advise on and assist with all aspects of company management, operation and administration. We offer services in a wide spectrum of servicing areas including:

    Governance and Risk 

    • Review the current corporate governance and business structure and give advice on the best and appropriate practices fitting into the scale of business
    • Efficiency reviews of secretariats and other departments of large or listed groups and companies
    • Assessment of operation risks
    • Corporate restructurings for streamlining the business


    • Convening, facilitating and attending directors' and shareholders' meetings and preparing chairman's scripts and minutes thereof
    • Alteration of memoranda and articles of association, changes in directors, secretary or auditors, changes of corporate name, transfers of shares, new issues of shares, rights and bonus issues, repurchase of shares, administration of share option schemes, etc.
    • Provision of registered office/correspondence address, onsite/meeting secretary, independent directors, nominee shareholders, authorized representatives, escrow agents, services of process agents, instant interpreters, etc.
    • Maintenance and advice on the proper maintenance of statutory registers and records


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